8 Important Things That You Should Know About Coach Valentino Dinsi


His students called him “Master Entrepreneur Indonesia“. Writing books on the topic entrepreneur has sold hundreds of thousands copies throughout Indonesia and abroad. Ranging from students, employees, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, rabble (Newsy, singers, artisan noodles, etc.) to Parliementary Member ever read his book and also follow his fresh ideas in training, seminars, business coaching, radio talk shows or TV Show.

  1. As Founder ENTREPRENEUR HOUSE and HOME, Valentino Dinsi, SE, MM, MBA is very concerned to help the entrepreneurs in this country to be successful in business and their lives.
  1. Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Indonesia, Valentino continued to the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Then studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Jakarta Institute of Management (1999) and Master of Management (MM) on PPM Business School (2001) and received a doctoral scholarship program from Austin Texas University, USA.
  1. Very rich experience in the Streets (street-smart), National Company of up to State-Owned Enterprises
  • He began his career as a sales door to door.
  • Disciple and personal assistant direct from Bang Imad (Alm.DR.Imaduddin Abdulrachim, MSc), a leading initiator of the establishment of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI)
  • At a very young age, 26 years becoming the youngest manager and the fastest ever in the PT. Garuda Indonesia Airlines
  • Last professional career continued until served as Vice President of PT. Batin Eka Perkasa – owned Forestry Minister of Indonesia, DR (HC) Zulkifli Hasan, MM.
  1. Best Seller author of 16 books. One of them is the Monumental Best Seller book entitled, Do’t be an Employee for The Rest of Your Life” that has climbed to more than 300,000 printed exemplar and has been read by more than 2 millions people throughout Indonesia and abroad. The book is now published in Malaysia, Arabic ang English to be marketed worldwide.
  1. Proven achieve Extraordinary Results and High Performance.
  • Guiding and coaching clicking Champion National Independent Young Entrepreneur of the air assets of Rp. 15 billion into air assets of Rp. 200 billion within 9 months.
  • Guiding and coaching clicking a Muslim bookstore with tremendous growth from one store to 56 stores in just six months with a total growth of 5,600%! and WITHOUT CAPITAL.
  • Trusted by many as being the main resource person on themes of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Motivation, Self-reliance, Spiritual etc., In many places in Indonesia and Globally.
  1. Initiators and Founder  :
  • LET‘S GO Indonesia, an organization that emphasizes continuous learning based on the aspect of Spiritual development, motivation and Business. LET‘S GO Indonesia which is representative of the LET‘S GO International is based in the Philippines.
  • Indonesian National Movement Ayo Mandiri: One Family, One Entrepreneur ! Organizations that move people and nation of Indonesia to move forward doing, freeing themselves from poverty and ignorance.
  • ENTREPRENEUR HOUSE: Business Mentoring Group (KMB) which form small groups in the community consists of 5-20 people per group where they learn and practice business and marketing products and services to help fellow members….
  1. Recognized various groups and GEN will SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP:
  • Receive Award from the University of Indonesia UI ILUNI for Entrepreneurial Development field in Indonesia

  • Most having an 50 figures in the University of Indonesia
  • Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Network
  • Community builder Hands On Top (TDA)
  • Head of Organizational Development Franchise Indonesian Employers Association (APWINDO) in the period 2006-2011
  • DPP caretaker Native Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI) in the period 2004-2010 and 2010-2015
  • Recently at a joint meeting of the entrepreneur community in Indonesia, which was attended by 15 community of entrepreneurs such as: TDA (Hands Up), Entrepreneur University (EU), Smart Entrepreneur College (SEC), OASIS Entrepreneur Academy, Eternity, Come Mandiri, Valentino Dinsi , SE, MM, MBA, in good fortune as the Chairman of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (IDEAS).
  • Board of the Central Advisory Council (MPP) Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI).
  1. A few years became a lecturer at the University of Indonesia and a guest lecturer in several Universities throughout Indonesia, Valentino Dinsi also fill the event and talk at the event:
  • Breakfast Club Metro TV
  • Space Talk: Doing business with Successful and Profitablein the RAS FM Radio (95.5 FM)
  • Commitment to Our Nation and Smart Balance Capsules in SMART FM Radio (95.9 FM)
  • Business Radio Talkshow: TOTAL BUSINESSin Dakta FM Radio (FM 107)
  • Teach Children to Businessin the DFM Radio (103.4 FM)
  • Estella Ustadz Togetherat the quiz
  • Titian Qolbu on TV ONE
  • Radio Silaturrahmi
  • Others